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PUBLISHED: 11:30 10 July 2009 | UPDATED: 08:56 21 February 2013

Simon Macdonald has advice on fitness and food to get you focused on festive fun

Simon Macdonald has advice on fitness and food to get you focused on festive fun

With the summer coming to an end and a few short months until Christmas, now is the time to really get the most out of the gym by taking up a Personal Trainer to motivate you every step of the way to improve your fitness and shape safely and effectively.

There are many benefits of having a personal trainer. First and foremost they will keep you disciplined and motivated.

• You are highly likely to attend the gym if your Personal Trainer is there waiting and you will work harder in the session with constant encouragement from your trainer.
• Fun and inventive sessions specific to your needs give you maximum results in minimum time. How many people regularly spend time in the gym but are still not where they want to be?
• You will pick up the trainer's knowledge and techniques and be able to implement ideas into future sessions after Personal Training.
• Your trainer can work with you on sport specific programmes, utilising specific exercises to mimic the movements carried out in your sport.

Personal Training is all about educating clients on all aspects of fitness, including technique, exercise selection, training principles and nutrition.

Let the trainer get you where you want to be with innovative training techniques and ideas.

Not only will they keep you under a specific training programme for you to undertake on your own, they will help you with your diet, devising a suitable meal plan to get you on your way and closer to achieving your personal goals you have set yourself.

Follow our 1500kcal/day meal plan to kick-start you into the newer, fitter you.

Day 1
Breakfast: 125ml tub of natural low fat bio yoghurt topped with 1 segmented satsuma, 1 level tbsp pumpkin seeds, 15g (½ oz) muesli oats and 50g (1¾ oz) dried apricots.
Snack 1 small banana
Lunch 1 wholewheat pitta, 100g (3½ oz) tuna (in brine). Mixed tomato and lettuce salad dressed with ½ tablespoon of olive oil. 1 apple
Snack 1 tbsp sunflower seeds
Evening 60g (2 oz dry weight) whole wheat pasta topped with 4 tbsp tomato based sauce simmered with chopped courgette and green pepper until cooked, plus 1 tbsp grated parmesan. 1 medium glass white or red wine, or 1 glass 50/50 fruit juice and water.

Day 2
Breakfast 50g (1¾ oz) muesli topped with 1 sliced kiwi fruit, 1 tbsp flaxseeds, and 100 ml skimmed milk (extra allowance)
Snack 1 apple
Lunch 200g three bean salad with onion, tomatoes, cucumber and green leaves, ½ tbsp olive oil dressing or vinaigrette. 1 small tub of low fat fruit fromage frais.
Snack 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds
Evening 100g (3½ oz) lean fillet of pork thinly sliced and stir fried in 1½ tbsp sesame oil with 250g mixed stir fry vegetables (carrots, broccoli, mange tout, spring onions, baby sweet corn, served on 40g whole wheat egg thread noodles. 25g (¾ oz) chocolate

Day 3
Breakfast 1 medium bowl of porridge made with equal parts skimmed milk and water, and topped with a little extra milk. 1 tsp of runny honey and 1 level tsp of flaxseeds.
Snack 20g dried apricots and& 1 orange
Lunch 45g (1½ oz) (dry weight) pasta shapes cooked and mixed with 50g (1¾ oz) crumbled Feta cheese, 2 medium tomatoes (chopped) chopped cucumber and spring onions and 1 tbsp pesto dressing
Snack 1 plum, 1 tbsp sunflower seeds
Evening 200g (7 oz) white fish fillets lightly baked or grilled with lemon juice, for sauce use 7g (¼ oz) butter melted until just turning brown and mixing with a few rinsed capers and a dash of balsamic or white wine vinegar, serve with a portion of mange tout, broccoli and 200g (7 oz) new potatoes. 1 medium glass wine or 50/50 juice and 1 small banana

Day 4
Breakfast 1 med slice wholemeal bread, scrape of low fat spread, 1 teaspoon of low fat marmalade or peanut butter, 125ml tub of natural low fat bio yoghurt topped with 1 level tbsp sunflower seeds
Snack 1 apple (or mixed fruit)
Lunch 250ml fresh soup (vegetable, carrot and coriander, red pepper and basil etc) 25g (¾ oz) cheese with 1 dark rye crispbread, 1 small banana
Snack 1 pear, 20g (¾ oz) mixed nuts
Evening Breast of chicken fillet (no skin) coated in a mix of low fat bio yoghurt and mild curry powder and baked in foil). Served with 50g (1¾oz) dry weight wild or brown rice. A dark green leaf and herb salad and a side dish of bio yoghurt and chopped cucumber. 1 medium glass of wine or 50/50 fruit juice.
Day 5
Breakfast Medium portion (50g 1¾oz) Muesli topped with 20g chopped dried apricots, 1 level spoon of flaxseeds, and 1 segmented orange plus skimmed milk from allowance.
Snack Apple
Lunch 1 Med hard boiled egg 30g (1oz) extra lean ham in two slices of wholemeal bread, spread with low fat mayonnaise and unlimited salad. Mixed side salad of red onions and tomatoes and fresh basil leaves, 1tsp of olive oil. 1 tub of diet fruit fromage frais.
Snack 1 med banana (or mixed fruit)
Evening Starter: 1 dark rye cracker with 1 tbsp low fat cottage cheese. 250g (9oz) new potatoes and ratatouille made with courgettes, aubergine, red onion, tomatoes and garlic and black pepper.
Day 6
Breakfast Pre-prepared mixed fruit salad with 2 tbsp low fat bio yoghurt.
Snack 1 dark rye crispbread with marmite
Lunch 85g (3oz) mackerel fillets (canned or packet or fresh) 1 tbsp homemade mayo/mustard dressing, large mixed salad of leaves herbs tomato cucumber onion etc. I med wholemeal roll, 1 satsuma or mixed fruit.
Snack 20g mixed seeds
Evening 100g (3½oz) meat or chicken fillets, 50g shredded spring greens, sliced tomatoes and mushrooms, all stir fried in one tbsp olive oil, served with 50G tagliatelle (stir to combine) 1 med glass of wine or 50/50 fruit juice.

Day 7
Breakfast ½ pink grapefruit, 1 small bowl of porridge made with 50/50 skimmed milk/water topped with tbsp raisins and sultanas
Snack Kiwi fruit
Lunch 40g (1¼oz) dry weight wild or brown rice, served with 100g cooked chicken or meat strips, 1 small segmented orange chopped cucumber, ½ tbsp pine nuts tossed in oil free French dressing.
Snack 2 dark rye crispbread topped with Marmite and 1 tsp cottage cheese.
Evening 100g salmon fillet topped with a mixture of 1 ½ tsp olive oil and crushed garlic clove, handful of fresh coriander leaves, served with 200g (7oz) new or mashed potatoes, peas and spinach. 1 med glass wine or 50/50 fruit juice.

For more information about personal training contact Simon Macdonald and the team at Bannatyne's Health Club,

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