A Three-Step Home Spa Treatment

PUBLISHED: 10:51 31 January 2014 | UPDATED: 10:58 31 January 2014

Treat yourself to a spa in your own home

Treat yourself to a spa in your own home


Indulge yourself with a spa treatment in your own home in three easy steps.

Firstly let me wish you a Happy New year and I hope that you had an enjoyable and relaxing time over the festive period.

In this month’s article I will tell you how you can bring that Spa treatment into your own home with my simple and inexpensive three step guide, which should help keep your skin soft, hydrated and healthy during the Winter months.

Step One – Take a relaxing bath using oils

Run a deep warm bath and to try and to find an hour at any time during the day to call your own.

Light a few tea lights an d pour yourself a glass of sparkling mineral water or perhaps a nice glass of sparkling wine if in the evening.

Pour 4 to 6 drops of English Lavender oil into the bath, then enjoy your bath with that glass of wine or mineral water. After twenty minutes get out of the bath and gently pat your skin dry.

Lavender oil has been known to help with fatigue, headaches, stress and anxiety. There are many brands of aromatherapy oils but the ones I prefer myself are Neal’s Yard and Tisserand. The key is to make sure you buy pure essential oil. One of my favourite oils is Rose Otto, which was used by Cleopatra who is supposed to have had rose petals strewn in front of her wherever she walked. A large number of roses go into each bottle of this oil, making it an expensive choice costing anything up to £120 for a 10ml bottle as opposed to an average of £4 for a 10ml bottle of lavender oil.

Step Two – Choose your favourite body scrub or exfoliator

After patting yourself dry squeeze a 50p coin sized amount of your chosen body onto the palm of your hand and then in circular movements starting from your ankles rub the body scrub into your skin slowly moving upwards, over your legs, buttocks, chest, stomach, ribs, arms, and shoulders, paying particularly attention to the backs of your arms, elbows and knees. Be extra gentle over the chest area as the skin is more delicate and fragile here.

Carefully rinse away the body scrub with warm water and then gently pat your skin dry again - which should now feel soft and smooth.

Body exfoliation help removes dead skin cells and allows new cells to regenerate leaving your skin looking wonderful. When you exfoliate it increases circulation, which can help to diminish cellulite if combined with exercise and a healthy eating programme. However never overuse any facial or body exfoliators as the skin needs time to renew itself - once a week is enough.

There are many different body scrubs and exfoliators, but one of the best is the St Tropez body scrub. Whilst this does come in at the more expensive end of the market at around £30 for 200ml, the St Tropez body scrub contains round micro pearls which won’t tear delicate skin. For a less expensive option consider Fenjal VITALITY body polish, which also contains micro pearls but only costs around £4 per 200ml bottle. Cheaper still Possibility Vanilla Crème Brulee Body Scrub is brilliant and a snip at £1.50 for 200mls.

Step Three - Moisturise

To finish off your home spa treatment choose your favourite brand of body moisturiser and apply liberally over your whole body, paying particular attention to your knees, elbows and feet. Central heating, cold weather and poor circulation in the winter months can wreak havoc on these areas of your skin.

A few of my favourite brands are the Ellen Tracy body cream, Fenjal hydrating body lotion and Clarins body treatment oil. The Clarins body oil costs approximately £30 for 100ml but will last for ages and is such a treat to end the home spa regime.

A little time spent pampering yourself is never wasted time and hopefully from this month’s article you can see it doesn’t necessarily have to be too expensive either.

I hope you have enjoyed my article and if you have any questions or comments then please post them here or email me at kim@secretgardenbeautysalon.co.uk.

Kim-Elizabeth Jeffree

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