What Katie did in July

PUBLISHED: 12:48 16 June 2011 | UPDATED: 19:33 20 February 2013

What Katie did in July

What Katie did in July

Katie Johnson's July diary

I got quite excited the other day as it appears Ive grown taller, all I need now is to reach 7ft 2ins and Ill be the ideal weight! Thinking it may be due to my recent addiction to blueberries having been given two bushes for my birthday (you need two for pollination apparently), but then again, Ive also discovered that chocolate teacakes taste wonderful straight from the fridge so guess Ill just have to keep experimenting with the two.

I imagine theres a lot of deadheading and tidying going on at the moment as the judges from the Heart of England in Bloom Competition make their way around our towns and villages. Good luck to all who have entered. Must be busy in Ledbury as their HMS Ledbury theme coincides with the Poetry Festival. Sad to say the only poem I remember from school is the title The Wind and the lady who wrote it, Dorothy Gradon. Whether its due to me not liking this particular weather front or the fact I used to know a scary girl called Gail, I dont know. It comes in handy for drying washing on the line though, taking a few extra pegs to make sure our smalls (or not so smalls) are held down well, just in case they end up elsewhere. Glyn just says no-one will know theyre ours as they havent got our name in them! Im guessing theyll want lots of wind for the Leominster and Hereford Kite Festival at Berrington Hall, one event of many happening in the county this month.

Theres also Nozstock at Bromyard, Race for Life in Hereford, Pembridge Show and Trotting Races, and its the Royal Welsh where many of our farmers will take their livestock, and if youre going, look out for Charlie the Highland Bull from Dorstone who is the father of our calves.

One thing I do enjoy when I get the chance is to read a book. Quite a few of my pals have taken up reading electronically of late, which does seem a shame to me as no longer will they enjoy the benefits of a readymade fly swat or indeed the adrenaline rush you get when you try and find where you were up to having dropped the book on the floor. They do tell me the one advantage is warm shoulders when you read them in bed. Shouldnt think my sister is ready for one just yet following a recent incident with a newly acquired battery operated razor, poor thing thought she was being burgled the other night when in the early hours she heard a dreadful noise coming from her bathroom, only to find the shaver had come to life in the mug shed put it in.

At home, Ive concluded Id never make a hitman having rescued a rabbit from the cat the other day. The way it looked at me, I could have sworn I heard Art Garfunkel singing Bright Eyes. Were busy preparing for Tenbury Wells 1941 Living History weekend where my wardrobe will once again be in fashion, and well be working at the Game Fair too. Last year, not only did I start to think that Glyn might suit a pair of red trousers but also found myself being drawn to tweed.

Now theres a thought, has anyone come up with a Blueberry tweed?

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