A century in Much Wenlock

PUBLISHED: 14:05 21 November 2012 | UPDATED: 22:26 20 February 2013

A century in Much Wenlock

A century in Much Wenlock

A new pictorial record of Much Wenlock follows the history of the town from <br/><br/>the early 1900s to today

A new pictorial record of Much Wenlock follows the history of the town from the early 1900s to today ...

Sepia-tinged images of tennis players clad in bulky dress and farmers bringing in the harvest help tell the story of more than a century in the life of Much Wenlock.

The delightful book, the second in the series celebrating the towns history, takes readers on a journey from 1900 to 2012. It has been compiled by local historians Ina Taylor and Joy Sims.

Ina said: Little did we think that when we began working on the first volume last year that there would be a demand for a follow-up. However, we were delighted with the response, with over 1,000 copies being sold, and so have put together this second volume.

Ina has gathered around 1,500 historic photographs of the town. We have continued some of the favourite themes, with pictures of street scenes, schooldays and festive occasions, but we also allowed ourselves to travel a little further afield by including agriculture and quarrying, which were important occupations for many of Wenlocks inhabitants.
The book features photographs of the Barnardos home and local schools which have closed down, an exquisite 1906 picture of Wenlock Lawn Tennis Club, and an image from the 1950s of a young local girl called Honor who hand-reared a fox.

The history of the towns football clubs is another interesting tale we uncovered. Not many people seem to remember Wenlock Villa, but we were given their photograph featuring the team all sitting there proudly holding a football bearing the teams name, Ina added.

This book focuses on the present as well as the past and so she and Joy have taken the opportunity to celebrate the amazing year Much Wenlock, has had in this year of the London Olympics.

Joy commented: Space prevented us from covering all the exciting and unique events that happened in the year to do so would be a book in its own right but we have chosen a fascinating collection which give an insight into our Olympic connections."

Much Wenlock: Past to Present in Photographs (Book Two) is available from Ellingham Press www.ellinghampress.co.uk and local bookshops

Words: Jane Haynes
Images: Ellingham Press

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