HEFF - Barbecue ideas

PUBLISHED: 16:13 08 July 2011 | UPDATED: 12:03 28 February 2013

HEFF - Barbecue ideas

HEFF - Barbecue ideas

Barbecue ideas for the summer

Burgers and sausages may be the British barbecue regulars but if youve had your fill of these, its time to ditch the ketchup and floured baps and get some new flavours on the grill.

Theres no denying that burgers and sausages really come into their own on the barbecue so were not saying to abandon them, just make sure youre buying quality. But as its August, hopefully the barbecue has been out a few times already this summer so its time to embrace a change and let the flames lick something different.

Instead of just throwing your steak, chops or chicken legs on the barbie, marinate them with flavoursome combinations to give your meat something special. Marinating tenderises andd enhances flavours, but its also important not to overpower the meat. A good marinade should contain oil and then be a combination of acid, such as vinegar, lemon juice or wine, with added herbs and spices. Tasty ones to experiment with are basil, garlic and chilli; thyme, shallot and lemon; ginger and soy; rosemary and red wine; honey and lime; lemon and herb and yogurt and mint.

Barbecued fish is fantastic when cooked on the coals and often overlooked in favour of the traditional meats. It can be cooked using different methods depending on the type of fish and your desired effect. Cooking in foil is popular, and you can also try cooking a piece of fish wrapped in damp newspaper this cooks with a steaming effect but be careful not to let the paper dry out and catch fire! Or if its a fish with a firmer flesh you can put it straight on the grill, or make fish skewers using prawns, salmon and swordfish, for example.

Putting your vegetables over the flames can also add a new dimension to your summer barbecue. Those that are in season and should work well include aubergine, courgette, carrots, pumpkin and squash, potatoes, tomatoes and corn on the cob. With some of these you can scoop out the centres and fill with other delicious foods such as flavoured rice or cous cous or with cheese. In fact, cheeses with thick rinds similar to a camembert are also great barbecued so look out for local varieties.

And why stop at savouries? Throw some fruit on the barbie while youre at it! As fruit has a high sugar content, when grilled it caramelises the sugar giving a nice golden colour and crispness to the edges. Dont overdo it, fruits only need to be lightly grilled to ensure you get the delicious caramel fruity flavour while keeping the texture. Try cutting your chosen fruits into cubes and then skewer them to make fruit kebabs for a tasty dessert.


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